C libraries for concurrent programming (threads, atomics) based on mulle-c.

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The mulle-concurrent library collection is written for C11.

mulle-concurrent provides a few wait-free/lock-free datastructures. The underlying platform thread library is abstracted using mulle-thread. The problem of thread-safe memory reclamation is handled by mulle-aba.

Library Description
mulle-thread Cross-platform thread/mutex/tss/atomic operations
mulle-aba A lock-free, cross-platform solution to the ABA problem
mulle-concurrent A lock- and wait-free hashtable (and an array too)
mulle-fifo Fixed size FIFOs for dual-thread configurations
mulle-multififo FIFOs for many to many thread configurations

mulle-concurrent is based on mulle-c.

The mulle-objc runtime is based on mulle-concurrent.